International Biodiversity Day

Today (22nd May) is International Biodiversity Day. Here in Ireland the National Biodiversity Centre are asking us to spend some time over the weekend recording the wildlife in your garden, locality or nearest wildlife site, and tell them what species you find. I think this is a great idea and will certainly be taking part. Their aim is to record over 1000 records each day of the weekend (

So, not matter where you live on this wonderful earth of ours, why not take up the challenge too. How many species can you record in your garden this weekend? I will report back later in the week and look forward to hearing your reports too!

Green-veined white

Green-veined white


13 thoughts on “International Biodiversity Day

  1. Robbie

    Playing Catch-UP this weekend! I had no idea this was going on-thank you for inspiring me this week. I have been planting/weeding/seeding for weeks. I have not even posted on my blog in weeks. Just no time for posting + have to clean the inside from all the work neglected from being outside all this time-LOL-it is unending! But love it and the best part is all the nature. I look forward to seeing what you post, I will try to stop and capture this week:-)

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    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      My housework gets ignored this time of year too – till I really need to sort it! Feeling a bit overwhelmed this year and seems to be too much to do in garden (and beyond) and I seem far behind!


  2. Jane

    In London this weekend so I missed it, I’m afraid but will log it for next year & do a Sherlock Holmes on what I find. Your garden & allotment must have taken hours to categorise – good for you. Will the findings be summarised in a later report?


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