Chicks and Saint Patrick’s Day

Happy St Patrick’s day! We’ve had a lovely sunny and dry day which has been great for the kids taking part in the local parade. And this morning we got a little bit of time to do some gardening too.

But our most exciting event this week has been the hatching of six little chicks from the chicken eggs in the incubator. The little black one below, was first to emerge, having hatched first thing Sunday morning.



For the rest of the afternoon the kids watched the four little yellow ones hatch. It was great to see their excitement and a great education. Our seven year old, in particular, was asking lots of questions. We’d borrowed the incubator and hope to try some duck eggs next.


Today the chicks were moved out of the incubator into a homemade brood box consisting of a cardboard box and infra-red lamp to keep them warm.

ChickThey are very cute!


10 thoughts on “Chicks and Saint Patrick’s Day

  1. Jane

    How behind I am – no doubt the chicks are much bigger by now & the duck eggs have moved in. I assume the chicks are feeding on small sized grain, as opposed to their parents’ food?

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  2. Roz Hill

    We bought an incubator last year following a disastrous time losing hens to a local vixen feeding her cubs. So we now have half a dozen incubated hens who have started to lay. For months we have only had a couple of eggs a day so egg production is now on the up!!

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    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      Yes, the little chicks on the photo are laying too. This year I am looking forward to at least one of them going broody and hatching her own (fingers crossed!)

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