Charming trees

It’s cold, wet and very windy outside. Yesterday, it hardly seemed to get bright all day. Everyone was commenting on how dark it was. I’m really looking forward to getting to the other side of the winter solstice! So as it was not a week to try and get new photographs, I’m looking back at some old ones.

I love trees. Any kind of tree but especially big ones! Here is just a taste of some of my favourites. This one is at Raheens Wood, which I have blogged about before ( In fact, you can see it is more than one tree. I told the kids that fairies lived there –  it just seems like perfect fairy habitat.

'Fairy' tree at Raheens wood

‘Fairy’ tree at Raheens wood

The photograph below was taken last April at Lough Key Forest Park in Roscommon. It’s a maple tree. You can see the fresh leaves just opening, a nice reminder of spring.

Maple tree at Lough Key

Maple tree at Lough Key

And, even though not big, this old hawthorn and ivy are so beautiful.

Hawthorn and ivy

Hawthorn and ivy




8 thoughts on “Charming trees

  1. gaiainaction

    Just reading through some of your blogs, enjoying them so much. What lovely trees, such lovely photos too. Real glad I visited your sites today. Have a nice evening. 🙂

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