Autumn and new garden projects

Autumn has arrived with a bit of a bang, as I expected it would, after a beautiful, mild and sunny September. The rain and wind have returned and only a couple of our sunflowers, now laden with heavy seeds, remain standing! Still, it is amazing what bits of ‘summer‘ you can still find in the garden if you look for it. Check out this ox-eyed daisy.

Ox-eyed daisy

Ox-eyed daisy

The blue fence in the background is the start of our new garden project. Hopefully next summer it will be a buzzing flower and herb garden. It is just a small area outside the living room window that I had always ear-marked as a herb garden. There is already a nicely established bush of sage and rosemary, and a small clump each of oregano, chives and thyme. In the greenhouse, I have started off lupins, Campanula, heartsease, Echinacea among other flowers in the hope that these will make their way to this new garden. The plight of bees and other wild pollinators has made me want to create this extra wild pollinator friendly space.

Though I have a draft plan drawn up, the lovely contrast today between the blue fence and the white/yellow of the ox-eyed daisy made me think I should incorporate these into the planting scheme too. I have some plants that have self-seeded in the vegetable plot so it will be easy to transfer these.

New plans are always exciting, though I know with so many jobs to do in the garden, I will need to schedule my time well to ensure it is completed by next year. Will keep you posted.

7 thoughts on “Autumn and new garden projects

  1. Miranda McCoy

    As usual a delightful post – and I think the image would make a good postcard. I hope we have another great summer next year. The drop in temperature has come as a shock after being spoilt with an Indian summer. However I do love Autumn and all its colours xx


  2. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

    I love the colours too Miranda, but as I put on a second pair of socks I find myself wishing for the spring!


  3. Robbie

    lovely photo + I love blue in the garden any way you can get it there! Blue fence would be my choice for a fence, but maybe purple:-) Blue flowers are my favorites…and like you I am always reworking my draft to fit something new in every season:-) I see my garden as a painting….I also love the “chance’ of the self-seeders:-)

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