Last of the butterflies

Today was a fabulous autumn day. It started with a cool misty morning, followed by clear blue skies. So it was an ideal day to do a butterfly and bee monitoring transect (For more information check out my earlier blog – I have been very bad the last few weeks and haven’t managed to complete one – though it is hard getting the right conditions (must be 17 degrees Celsius or at least full sun). The bee transects are walked once a month but the butterfly transects should be completed once a week. What amazed me today was the number of speckled wood butterflies still around. In the end I counted 31. They are looking slightly battered but no less beautiful.

Speckled wood butterfly

Speckled wood butterfly

I also recorded a couple of green veined whites and after I had finished the transect I spotted a red admiral. There was plenty of buzzing in the hedgerows but it was mostly hoverflies, with only the odd bee about (Common carder). The majority of the hedgerow flowers have gone-over with the exception of ivy which is just coming into it’s own and the odd knapweed flower. I gathered some of its seeds to spread in the meadow. The colours now are coming from the fruits and leaves.

Hedgerow autumn colours

Hedgerow autumn colours




3 thoughts on “Last of the butterflies

    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      We don’t get many Comma’s here in the west of Ireland, though I have seen them here on rare occasions. Most Irish records for Commas are from south east. I was interested to learn from your blog that the Speckled Woods are the only British species that will over winter as a pupa or chrysalis. There is something new to learn everyday πŸ™‚


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