Raspberry jam and a dragonfly

It’s a wet and pretty dearly day here today, so after making another lot of pickled cucumber I made some raspberry jam from some frozen raspberries I found while cleaning out the freezer! These were last years crop and as this years autumn ones are just getting ripe it was time to use them up!

Ripening raspberries

Ripening raspberries

I came across a great post (http://highheelgourmet.com/2013/07/04/basic-jam-for-beginners/) as I was keen to try making some low sugar jam. So I have experimented with a ratio of 2:1 fruit to sugar. It looks like it has set and the kids were happy to clean the spoon and ladle afterwards! With a wet week forecast I am not sure how many raspberries we will get. We also picked some wild blackberries yesterday but they would also benefit from some dry days!

This beautiful dragonfly was also having a rest on one of the raspberry plants. I think it is a female common hawker.




4 thoughts on “Raspberry jam and a dragonfly

  1. Robbie

    lovely photos:-) I was working on a post with our raspberries but decided to talk about cukes since I was not ready to post.Yum:-) Yours look good! I started a huge patch at the back of our city lot a few years ago. I just LOVE them and finally this year, after about 3 years we are getting TONS of them every day. I am interested in your low sugar recipe for jam. They are just an amazing fruit and every time I am harvesting them in the garden, I am stunned how they just lift away and are perfect just the way they are…hmmm..for the past few years they never made it to the house, but this year we have more than we can use which means learning to find ways to preserve them! I will be trying your recipe soon.:-)


    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      Despite being on opposite side of the Atlantic it sounds like we both have a good year for raspberries. I think ours benefited from the pile of compost we put on them in early spring. Much of the fruit is bigger this year than last. I plan to do a recipe page very soon, but basically the jam was 1kg Fruit to 500 grms sugar and juice of one lemon, but this low-sugar jam is a new thing for me so still experimenting!



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