Sunflowers, wasps and chokeberries

Even on a dull day our sunflowers are shouting ‘hey look at me!’ And we have had quite a few dull days recently and a cool northerly wind which has left a few of the sunflowers leaning! The sunflower my son planted has not grown as tall as his younger sister’s so he wants to claim one of mine instead! The tallest are just over 2m high.



The wasps have found a couple of them and appear to be stealing sap from the lowers part of the stem. So far I have noticed them on two of the stems and the smaller of the two plants is looking somewhat unhealthy, so they may be having a detrimental effect.

Wasps on sunflower stems

Wasps on sunflower stems

While we were picking some chokeberries (Aronia) today I also noticed a wasp checking them out too. The berries have done well and we picked close to 2kg. They are okay to eat but have a sort of mealy inside and somewhat bitter tasting skin so we have to experiment cooking with them. For now they are in the freezer. They are said to be very high in antioxidants and vitamins so well worth having in your garden.

Chokeberries (Aronia)

Chokeberries (Aronia)

3 thoughts on “Sunflowers, wasps and chokeberries

    1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

      Thanks. You’re certainly not alone not being fond of wasps, but I must admit while they are not in my top ten insects, I still find them pretty cool. Who needs monsters or aliens when you see these guys close up! I also admire the papery nests they make from chewed up wood.

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  1. Miranda McCoy

    Hard to believe my Godson could be so competitive! Wasps looked a tad worrying but happy insects and more for the birds I guess?! xx



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