Cucumber glut!

In the greenhouse, the cucumbers are doing well. Today, I picked fifteen of them. And their are plenty more to come.

Cucumber harvest

Cucumber harvest

The plants are slowly taking over the greenhouse. It is probably just as well as the late planted tomatoes, while they have some green tomatoes, are not looking as if they will do so well.

Cucumber plants in greenhouse

Cucumber plants in greenhouse

Luckily, as far as the cucumbers go, I have a lovely pickled cucumber recipe I got from a Latvian friend and have so far made about eight jars. The recipe involves cutting the cucumber up and combing with salt, sugar, vinegar, oil and some dill. The mix is then left overnight and then pack into jars the following day. These are then sterilized using a water-bath canning method.

Cucumber pickle

Cucumber pickle








1 thought on “Cucumber glut!

  1. Miranda McCoy

    One has cucumber envy! Amazing – hopefully I will get to taste the pickle next year if there is some left?! xxx



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