Hawthorn Shield Bug

I spotted two of these shield bugs while out for a walk along a track, we call the bog road, close to our house. It is a Hawthorn shield bug.

Hawthorn Shield Bug - final instar nymph

Hawthorn Shield Bug – final instar nymph

This is not it’s final adult stage. The female lays eggs that hatch into nymphs. These are wingless and crawl among plants and feed. They go through a number of instars. It takes about six weeks to reach an adult. They will hibernate during the winter months as adults. They feed mainly on hawthorn berries (hence their name), though this one was feeding on rowan berries.

2 thoughts on “Hawthorn Shield Bug

  1. Miranda McCoy

    So if one was a pedant this would be Rowanberry Sheild Bug! Amazing pic as usual. I am impressed you can tell it is a baby bug with some growing to do…it looks pretty big for a bug to me! Carry on the splendid work. xx



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