Greenhouse update

While the greenhouse is not one hundred present finished, it is now a functioning growing space. The tomatoes, while still small are looking much healthier and the cucumber plants are rampaging away, with the first cucumbers beginning to form. I’ve also planted some herbs; hyssop, sage, dill and oregano. The dill is planted around the cucumbers as it is supposed to encourage root development.

Cucumber plants

Cucumber plants

It’s a lovely space to work in, bright and yet airy. I can see many happy hours of planting and potting-up ahead of me.




Greenhouse - side view

Greenhouse – side view








My husband has fashioned a lovely, sliding catch for the door which he made from some bits of recycled white oak and the top of a brush handle.

Door catch

Door catch








3 thoughts on “Greenhouse update

  1. Miranda McCoy

    Loving the greenhouse – I think there will be people with greenhouse envy! The wooden door lock is a truimph!



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