We are enjoying the first of our outside summer strawberries, though the birds are getting to some before us. I don’t think it will be a bumper crop this year. Some of our plants are probably getting a bit old, as they generally are less productive after 3 or 4 years. Instead of going to the expense of buying new plants each year we grow new plants from runners. This year I will have to make an effort to grow more.



The last two days have been busy in the vegetable garden. Various brassicas have been planted out and covered with netting. Plants are still suffering slug and flea beetle damage so I have had to replace some. In this country, you really need to plant twice as many plants as you need – one lot for you and one lot for the slugs! Today, more squash have been planted out and I am hardening of the rest of them to get out this week.

In the polytunnel, I cleared out and harvest the mangetout. They did pretty well but were passed their best and the outside ones are cropping well now. I planted some cucumbers and a pumpkin plant in the space created. Usually all the squashes and pumpkins would have to go outside but with the greenhouse I have some extra space in the polytunnel and thought I’d see how the pumpkin did inside.




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