Wildflower Meadow

At this time of the year our flower meadow is at its best. Each year it grows a little bit bigger and hopefully gets more diverse. We created the meadow by moving flowering plants from areas were we didn’t want them (e.g the lawn area and vegetable plot) to the area where we want the meadow. The ox-eyed daisy move well if you move them early in the season.

Ox-eyed daisy

Ox-eyed daisy

When we do mow, we are careful not to mow over plants we want, like the bush vetch and red clover, but allow them to flower and set seed. Yellow rattle was one species we introduced as seed. I collected seeds from an area near the coast and just spread them where I wanted them to go. The yellow rattle parasitizes grasses so it reduces their vigor letting the flowers become established. If you do want to use yellow rattle be careful though, as it has spread itself pretty far over the garden at this stage. I just pull it up from where I don’t want it. I have also introduced knapweed and scabious by collecting and spreading wild seed. These plants will flower later in the season and I hope they will get more plentiful too as time goes on.

Wildflower meadow

Wildflower meadow

The ox-eyed daisy attract hoverflies along with other insects, while the clovers (both red and white) and the bush vetch are great for bees.

Hoverfly - Helophilus species

Hoverfly – Helophilus species





2 thoughts on “Wildflower Meadow

  1. Murtagh's Meadow Post author

    Thank you for kind comments and you are right – the camera is just taking the photograph of the beautiful flowers. Nature makes us open our eyes if we just take time to look.



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