Pygmy shrews and more bumbles

It’s been a busy few days of planting and weeding in the garden. I read yesterday that if I plant the leaf celery between my brassicas they can help to act as a deterrent to the so called cabbage white butterflies – namely the Large and Small whites. So today that is exactly what I did.

We had two wildlife highlights in the garden today. Firstly, I think we had a new bumblebee species for the garden list but I have to have my identification confirmed before I am sure – I think it was a heath bumble. They are very yellow though have black banding as well. Photo is a bit blurred.

Heath Bumblebee (TBC)

Heath Bumblebee

The second highlight was a pygmy shrew. We have had these in the garden before and this little fellow was disturbed when my husband was trying to pack away some blue tarpaulin that had been lying outside. The pygmy shrew is Ireland’s smallest mammal – adults males weigh about 6 grams. They have a very distinctive long nose. They eat insects and have to consume one and a quarter times they own body-weight each day to survive!

Pygmy shrew, Ireland's smallest mammal

Pygmy shrew, Ireland’s smallest mammal

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