Planting day

The last day of May and a busy day planting vegetables out into the garden. Courgettes, leaf celery, celeriac, red cabbage, cauliflowers and a few purple sprouting broccoli plants. The latter brassicas have gone into the new vegetable area. I have netted them all. This is something I haven’t done here in Ireland to date. It was however, essential when we had an allotment in the UK, to prevent the pigeons eating everything! We have a pair of resident pigeons now and we are not sure if it is these or the rabbits that have been eating all the tops of the lupins we put down as a green manure. So I decided it would be better to be safe than sorry. The netting will, I hope, also reduce the number of eggs the large and small white butterflies will be able to lay on the plants. There are still more plants to plant out but that is another day’s work. For now I’ll admire the blue irises, which are flowering well in our little flower bed.

Blue Iris

Blue Iris

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