Work on the greenhouse has been going well. It’s looking big! Our Polish friend Jacek, who is helping us build it,  is an excellent carpenter. So it’s not only going to be functional but it’ll look good too. I am already imagining tomatoes, cucumbers and other goodies.

Greenhouse base

Greenhouse base

We started with a concrete foundation and on top of this have built a concrete wall, two blocks high. A concrete sill was then create on top of the bricks so the water will run off.

In the meantime the wooden frame was being built and this has now been placed on top.

Greenhouse and frame

Greenhouse and frame

Hopefully by the weekend it will be all glazed (we are using horticultural grade glass) and ready for planting. The tomato and cucumber plants are in pots ready and waiting. Of course the gardening books tell us cucumbers like it more humid and warmer than tomatoes. But for this year we’ll try both together and see what happens. In future years, I can have the luxury of choosing the polytunnel to grow one and the greenhouse to grow the other.

We have gone over budget with the whole build but we see the greenhouse as an important investment in growing more food for the family. And as far as the kids are concerned we could never grow enough cucumbers!!



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