Busy bees

Even though it was a cool, dull day here yesterday the bees were really active particularly on the curly kale and ragged jack which are flowering at the moment. The majority of the bees visiting were the Common carder bees (Bombus pascuorum), but there was also a Buff-tailed queen (B. terrestris), Garden bumblebees (B. hortorum) and Early bumblebees (B. pratorum).

Common Carder Bee

Common Carder Bee

Today is another cool and this time damp day so spent the morning in the polytunnel clearing out the purple sprouting broccoli and creating some space into which we planted some salad vegetables. If we got a bit of heat now things would really take off. There are lots of seeds germinated and sitting in their seed trays waiting to get growing.

One nice little find this morning were a few bluebell flowers under one of the birch trees. We had planted some bought bulbs last autumn. We also collected some bluebell seed from a local native woodland and put them in pots under some trees last autumn. They have germinated and are looking great but it will take a couple years before they will flower.

Later in the afternoon I saw a red tailed bumblebee (B. lapidarius) queen in the garden. I did not see this bee in the garden last year when I first started to record our pollinators, so I am very pleased.


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