Happy Easter

A wonderful, warm, sunny Easter Sunday here in the west of Ireland. A perfect day for egg hunting and gardening. There are so many jobs to do at this time of year that I find I need to set myself a daily task. Today is was clearing weeds and raking some of the raised beds and getting more seed in. The kids helped plant the beetroot and parsnip seed. It was the same parsnip seed my son helped me save last autumn. Afterwards I also planted spinach, lettuce, rocket and other greens, along with some lettuce plants that had been started off in the polytunnel. This adds to the carrot and hamburger parsley seed planted yesterday. And the broad bean and mangetout plants that were planted out a couple of days ago. I love this time of year when things start growing. Everything is so fresh and green, the birds are singing and the butterflies and bees are getting more plentiful. The pear tree is in full blossom now – the best I’ve seen it. The apples trees are not far behind.

Pear Blossom

Pear Blossom

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

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