Spring vegetables

We have been harvesting the nine star perennial broccoli for about a week now. It makes a nice addition to the purple sprouting broccoli and is prolific. Inside the polytunnel things are growing well too. We’ve just started harvesting baby lettuce leaves, turnip tops, mizuna and mibuna (oriental greens), though the rocket is a little slow. Leaf beet that was planted last autumn is looking great too but as temperatures warm up it will be inclined to bolt. Still it is a lovely addition to stews and other one-pot dishes. Outside the plum and damson trees are in blossom and the pear tree is not far behind.

Nine Star Broccoli

Nine Star Broccoli – a central head much like cauliflower and lots of side shoots like sprouting broccoli

1 thought on “Spring vegetables

  1. Miranda McCoy

    I have tasted the fruits of your labours – and the brocolli is fabulous! Carry on the great work.Looking forward to the next time and whatever is in season. xx



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