Some of the broad beans, which are looking good, were finally planted out into the tunnel today from the root trainers. I am hardening off the rest to go outside. I really need to get seeds sown out into the vegetables plots now (e.g carrots and parsnips) but I have to work tomorrow so I’ll be away all day so it’ll probably have to wait till next weekend. There are seed potatoes and onions to be set out in new area too, but on the positive side we did get the new fence up today so the area is now ‘safe’ from livestock. It’s amazing how the children have found new places to play in our ‘new’ fields. It is not that these places haven’t always been there but now the access is simpler (just a gap in the fence direct from our own garden) plus they know it is now ‘ours’. There is a hawthorn tree with a handy seat, and the mounds are perfect for hiding behind when playing hide and seek. They are also good for running over and the water gathering in the lower most swale is just brilliant for messing about in.

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